Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Potatoes Potatoes and more Potatoes!

Cook's Library Potatoes

How is it useful?

I find this book especially useful because if your like me you love potatoes and everything about them. And you wish you could have more! It helps you come up with ideas on how to get rid of your rotting potatoes. Not only does it do that, but it lists delicious recipes for them too.

How I got it?

I got this for Christmas 2003 and the only reason why I know that is because my mom wrote a note on the front page saying, Alyssa, I hope you love to cook potatoes as much as you love to eat them. Love, Mom XO. I remember the whole year before that Christmas I always told my parents that all I wanted to was recipe book, any recipe book at all. And this was because I knew that I could use them in the future. But ever since I got this book I really have come to love potatoes THAT much more!

What kind of recipes are in it? (Pictures not from actual book)

Soups,salads, and appetizers

Fava bean and Mint soup

Sweet Potato and Onion Soup               

Light meals and side dishes

 Fritters with Garlic Sauce
Mixed mushroom cakes

Vegetarian and vegan suppers

Potato and Vegetable Curry 

Sweet Potato Cakes

Vegetables savories

Twice- Baked Pesto Potatoes, Potato and Eggplant Gratin 

Fish dishes

Broiled Red Mullet, Poached Rainbow Trout

Poultry and meat 

Potato and Turkey Pie, Potato Ravioli

Bread and cakes

Sweet Potato Bread, Fruity Potato Cake

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