Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just one more flavor book

The Flavor Thesaurus

By: Nicki Segnit

How this book differs from the others

Author's Style

She likes to explain why two ingredients go together in a funny way. She's a delight too read and she like to create a story around those ingredients. I especially like how she lists out a recipe using those ingredients and explains it without formatting it like a regular recipe.


She organized the book based on specific flavor. She has a whole chart that I displayed above that she follows throughout the book. For example she has chapters for roasted, citrusy, spicy and so on and so forth. And in those flavors there are certain food that taste like that flavor. I know pretty straightforward, but I know you wanted to hear it. But I really like how she arranges them into chapters based on their flavor so that it makes it easier for you to look up.


 This book is one of those books you can actually read; all of it if you wanted to, and I love it, just for that reason. Not only does she explain a time where she used these two ingredients together but how in history mankind have used them as well. She really like to go into specific details; sometimes a little too much to make me grimace. So far I haven't read the whole book, but if you just wanted to use it for a reference book you can do that too!

Why I like it

Like I said before I really like how she incorporates her personality into this book. Especially how she includes like blurbs of history that I didn't know before. Honestly this book both fascinates and intrigues me.

Other books you might like by her

Unfortunately there are none others, so she is a fairly new author. Which means for better reading! YAY!

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