Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Oldest Most Horrible Cookbook EVER

The White House Cookbook

By: Hugo Ziemann and Mrs. F. L. Gillette

Why it sucks?


The book starts out by telling in detail on how to carve different animals like venison, beef and veal. I mean really?? Do you really need to read a whole ten pages on how to carve meat? And the extension of how many meats they describe is disgusting! Also the instructions for the recipes are not arranged in a list. 


The recipes itself are not as straight forward as they are now. I mean you practically have to read 3 to 5 paragraphs just to know what your going to do. And even the title of the recipes sound repulsive! Potted fish, Oiled lobster I mean EW! But there are no pictures of the recipes, just random pictures of women and cuts of meat in black and white.

The Weird Contents

Not only does it have recipes "For the sick" or "Dinner Giving". But some of the recipes inside have lard for ingredients because back then they didn't care about being healthy, all they cared about was eating in general. This was also a time where women slaved all day over a hot stove or whatever just so they could make their man happy. And the book that I have is so old that even it smells bad.


Why even bother? You can find this at goodwill! But I wouldn't recommend it

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