Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A little bit about me; And why I'm amazing!

Alyssa's Point of View

Why do I have so many culinary books?

Impulse buying 

Everyone likes to buy things on impulse! Remember that time when you just had to have something that you saw at the store? Ya... that's me with cook books. 

Recommendations from chefs

Culinary school means that you have a lot of chefs giving you their own two cents. (whether you like it or not!) And each one recommends some author or kind of cooking book you should read. Since I want the teachers to know I'm listening, I RUN to get them!


The books that I buy help inspire me to cook. I can just pick up a spice in my cabinet and look up what goes with it, what I should use it, etc. They also provide an easy reference source for all kinds of food, for me to refer too.


To Display

They also look very pretty when on display. They're so colorful!  Everyone, who loves to cook, gawks at my COOL books!!!

Culinary School

Being in culinary school  means that you have to learn more and more about food everyday. Having books that I can utilize just for that purpose is that PERFECTLY PERFECT idea.

Why do I like cooking?

My childhood

As a kid I remember the first thing my mom taught me how to "cook" was boxed Marconi and Cheese. Technically it wasn't cooking like I'm used to now, but it was still fun....for my age at the time.

My Mom

She has always helped me when I'm down and pushed me to strive toward my dreams ever since I was a kid. And cooking was no exception!  

The ENDLESS possibilities

It's always amazing to me how many different dishes you can make with just two or even five ingredients. Just by changing it a little, I can alter the dish entirely.

Why am I recommending books?

Because I'm me

I like reading and you should too! But in all honesty......me being me, and I like to cook, and I love to read in my spare time) so why shouldn't you??

My Two Cents 

I'd like to think that people will read this blog and learn a little something, either about me or about the books I review and someday refer it to someone else...... and so on and so forth. 

To Inspire others

  in·spire:  to make (someone) want to do something : to give (someone) an idea about what to do or create (definition from Webster)
I want others think they that can doing anything they can put their mind to. And writing this blog I hope will help with reminding myself that I can too!

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