Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The "Other" Bible

Spice and Herb Bible

By: Ian Hemphill 
with recipes by Kate Hemphill

Should you use it religiously?


This book is very very cool and is fantastically accurate and fun to look at! You should use it as you would the actual bible.


Wait, why would say no? Why are you even reading this blog? 

What is it useful for?


This books really helps you nail on what spice your using and what it's all about. It practically defines to a point on where you will have no questions after you read all the information on just one spice. They even include recipes for each and every spice in the book!


Looking for a new way to flavor your food? Well this book is perfect for that. It has literally over 100 spices and herbs for you to find while reading it. Not only does it help you find new herbs and spices it gives you pictures and great descriptions. 


Honestly looking through this book I guarantee you will find a spice or an herb that you have never ever ever heard of in your entire life! I mean sure it has all the common one, but it really opens up a new world for you. For every spice/herb it gives you it's botanical name, family name, names in other languages, flavor group, weight per teaspoon, suggested quantity per pound and even complements to that spice/herb. And that's not even all the information it gives you about one!

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