Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I said, "Herbs,Herb!"

Spices and Herbs

By: Jill Norman

Why do I have two kinds of spice books?

Priority? I guess...

I was first recommended to this book so I got this one at least a couple months before I got the other one. So in other words It was just a impulse buy..


Honestly It also caught my eye because of the cover and the amazing pictures inside. I mean sure it may not have extensive information on each herb or spice, or have as many herbs or spices, but the pictures sure are pretty! And looking through this book I even discovered herbs and spices I haven't even heard of. And that's saying something!

Because I can

The more books in my culinary library the happier it makes me! It's amazing how much my library has grown even since buying this book.. The only sad part is I have exactly used this one...yet

What's the difference between books?

Well for one this one is more expensive comparatively because it's a hardcover and has a lot more fancy pictures. Another thing is that has less information then the other one. It only lists information like tasting notes,parts used, buying and storage, harvesting, and culinary uses.

Other books by the author

The Cook's Book: Techniques and tips from the world's master chefs
Teas and Tisanes
101 Essential Tips: Cooking with Spices
Aromatic Herbs: How to Use Them in Cooking and Seasoning Foods 

Price Range

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