Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Favorite Dictionary

The New Food Lover's Companion; Fifth Addition

By: Sharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst

Why do you NEED it?


Haven't you at some time in your life be curious about something related to cooking? Say you wanted to look up what thyme was? Or Barbecuing? This book helps with just that! It gives you the chance to discover more of the culinary world.

Culinary School??

And I'm sure if you have been or are in culinary school you at time have just not been able to quite figure out what something is. You think and think and think, but you just can't quite get your finger on it. Just being able to have something else as a reference or go to (besides your notes) is very helpful!

Interested in Food? 

Maybe you just have some interest in food and want to know more? Well your in luck, this book will compel you further pursue this interest. I know that when I'm at the book store any book that is about anything I'm even mildly interested in I will check it out!

Other Books by the Authors

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$12.57 Barnes and Nobles
$12.01 Amazon Books

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