Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to Approach a Book without scaring it

The First Five Things I do Before I buy a Book

1.Double check I don't already have it

It's always good to check through your mind. Or double check your library at home before you leave the house. Make sure you know what books you have or don't have because I know how easy it is to forget.

2.Check out the description of the book  

I  like to read it because it gives me a general idea of what I'm about to get into. It also lets me decide whether I'm even mildly interested in it. It saves you a least a couple of minutes so you can use those minutes on other things in your life. If not to read the books you already use. 


3.Read the author's bio

Sometimes when I know it's the author of some previous books I've read I like to check out how he/she has written this new book. But even when it's a new author I like to discover more about them so I can possibly predict on how their writing might sound. 

4.Look at the Table of Contents 

Reading this also gives a general idea of what your about to read. It gives you the opportunity to skip to a certain chapter a skim to see if he/she is explaining something you don't already.  

5.Read a couple of pages

Finally I start to read the first few pages or maybe even the first chapter to decide whether I really want this book or not. Sometimes the author just ends up being so boring or creepy I set it down immediately!

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