Monday, June 23, 2014

The Ultimate Culinary Book

The Flavor Bible

A peek inside:

What is it?

The whole book is about pairing food with other foods and what goes well with what. So you don't get stuck with trying to pair yogurt with mustard, you'll know in advance that it is not good! It basically lists all the pairings for a food item for example Raspberries go with almonds, apricots, blackberries and so on and so forth. The authors also took the time to list flavor affinities to name the flavors/foods that go especially well together. In addition to this they also list the season of the flavor, taste, weight, volume or even techniques to enhance this flavor.

Why use it?


This book tells you all their is to know about what flavors go together. And honestly I don't think there is a flavor that it misses. Look up any flavor or food your thinking of pairing and you can see what's best with it; and I guarantee that you'll find it.


Buying this book gave me inspiration for many dishes (that I have yet to create), but eventually will. But I really have to say just skimming through this fantastic book really inspires me to get off the couch and cook something! Now where to find the time....

Culinary School

I know I've said this a few times in the past, but being in culinary school you really need ideas and some ideas you can't always pull out from your butt. This book was recommended to me from one of my first instructors and even after I bought it they kept recommending it. This book was especially helpful if needed to come up with a dish fast. I can even remember bringing it everyday to school just in case I needed it.

Other Books by the Authors

Becoming a Chef
Culinary Artistry
Dining Out
Chef's Night Out
*What to Drink with What you Eat
The Food Lover's Guide to Wine

* = This is very similar to the flavor bible

Price Range

$20 - 30

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